Why Attend?

You will learn how to improve your Student Government.

ASGA Conference Brochure

ASGA is the only organization in the nation that totally focuses on Student Government training, research, and consulting. So we’re totally in tune with SG trends and issues nationwide. We produce training conferences, many of which are over a weekend, so you won’t miss school.

ASGA has produced more Student Government training conferences than any other organization in history.

Thousands of student leaders and advisors get training for their Student Governments each year at ASGA conferences. All types and sizes of colleges and universities are welcome.

Which conference is best for me?
What makes ASGA conferences the best in the nation?
  • ASGA is the national professional association for Student Governments
  • ASGA conferences are totally focused on making your Student Government better
  • ASGA has produced more Student Government conferences than any other organization in American history
  • ASGA conferences are near attractions and public transportation (in most cities)
  • The speakers at our conferences are paid, professional presenters
  • The speakers are funny, knowledgeable, interactive, and engaging
  • The speakers are experts on Student Government, having served as SG presidents and advisors
Here’s what you’ll learn at an ASGA Student Government conference:
  • How to make students care about Student Government
  • How to improve voter turnout in SG elections
  • How to build a great team that works well together
  • How to run your meetings more effectively
  • How to improve relations with administrators, faculty, staff, and the campus press
  • How to increase participation in SG projects
  • How to recruit more candidates and members to serve
  • How to include all students in your Student Government
  • How to improve your constitution and bylaws
  • & much more!

If you’ve never been to an ASGA conference before, now is the time!